Relaxing, eating and enjoying

Whether you’re on a couples holiday in our guest rooms, wanting to organise a family weekend complete with meals, celebrating a bar-mitzvah or aufruf –Mita’amei Habayit (“Flavours of Home”) in kibbutz Kramim will gladly provide the appropriate menu. Mita’amei Habayit Catering offers both dairy and meat options, and the team has over a decade’s worth of experience.

נופשים, אוכלים ונהנים


Organise a family aufruf here in Kramim, a Saturday birthday for grandma or any other group weekend of your choice. Mita’amei Habayit will help create the menu, treating you with a range of salads, first courses, mains, side dishes and desserts. All of which will leave you to enjoy a Shabbat full of food and warm hospitality, guaranteeing you a relaxing, stress-free family gathering and celebration.

ארוחות בוקר כפריות

Rural Breakfasts

Guests in our guest-houses and rural lodging have the option of ordering a full rural breakfast.

אולם וגן אירועים

Banquet Hall and Garden

Kramim has an indoor banquet hall and outdoor garden venue with space for up to 350 guests. These are perfect for morning and evening events alike, such as weddings, bar/bat-mitzvahs, bris, birthdays, corporate events and business conferences. There is an option to host the reception outside and the meal in the banquet hall. The garden lies at the heart of a green area, with a wooden platform in the middle.



Mita’amei Habayit, in kibbutz Kramim, offers catering for groups, companies, businesses and family events. Customers also have the option of an event planning service. The catering service includes a varied menu with a range of cooking styles, fresh and unique dishes, striking serving plates and kashrut mehuderet.

For more information and to book – call: +972 (0) 86597111