Kramim – A Kibbutz Unlike Any Other

Kramim is a revitalised kibbutz located in the northern Negev with c.80 resident families. What makes Kramim special is its character and founding vision. The kibbutz combines religious and secular residents, and has an emphasis on maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as social responsibility both internally and externally. Among the kibbutz’s agricultural products are wheat, barley, grapes, potatoes, carrots, paprika, a developed tourism sector and a reclaimed water facility.

Kramim’s vision can be characterised in four core aspects:

A Revitalised Kibbutz in the Negev

The residents of Kramim live in financial independence, with all members granted equal rights and responsibilities. The community ensures a system of mutual assistance which provides a safety net for those in need.

Kramim is a Zionist community, and its location in the Negev forms part of its character.

A Mixed Religious and Secular Community

Religious and secular people live in partnership in Kramim. Communal life is founded on mutual respect and care, tolerance and diversity. Each family lives its life in accordance with its beliefs, taking into consideration the other members of the community.

An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Kramim is a sustainable community which strives to connect with nature, practising a modest and environmentally-friendly lifestyle wherever possible. The community works to raise awareness for environmental issues and to minimise exploitation and damage to the environment.

Action and Social Responsibility

The Kramim community encourages social responsibility based on volunteering within the community as well as outside it. Mutual respect, care for those in need, social action, tolerance, acceptance of the other and being good neighbours to all residents of the area are the guiding principles of Kramim.

You’re invited to Kramim for a relaxing visit, to experience it for yourself.