Kramim Tourism: Rustic Tourism in Kibbutz Kramim

In kibbutz Kramim in the northern Negev you’ll find a range of holiday options for couples, families and groups.
Children’s activities, outdoor attractions, wellness and beauty treatments, group workshops, and expansive green spaces – all in one place.

Kramim: So near, yet feels so far

We invite you to get to know Kramim, a revitalised kibbutz in the northern Negev, located just over an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Kramim is a kibbutz unlike any other, unique in Israel and the world. The kibbutz combines religious and secular residents, and emphasises maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as social responsibility both internally and externally. You’ll encounter the kibbutz’ unique character on its pathways and in its open spaces, in its warm hospitality and exciting activities. So leave the city behind – and come for a relaxing visit to experience it for yourself.
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